MIxing & mastering service by Razzbeats

This is the executive mixing and mastering service by Razzbeats. Having the right mix in your track is key in order for your music to be a success. If your music needs to be professionally polished in order to have a clean sound then this service is for you.

Swift return

Quick return on your mixed and mastered beat which you will receive within 1-3 business days


High quality, professional service

Industry standard

Your music will be industry standard once mixed and mastered

Incredible price

Affordable price for a quality service like this

Step-By-Step Guide
  • Track out the full beat in WAV format

  • Ensure that the effects on the tracks are deactivated (EQ, reverb, compressor etc.)

  • Once you have exported all the WAV trackouts, place them into a zip or rar archive.

  • Once you have the zip or rar archive, you can obtain a download link through using Dropbox, Google Drive, Mediafire etc.

  • Then place the download link in the 'add a note' field on the checkout page

  • You will then receive the mixed and mastered track within 1-3 business days via email




Read: You must place the download link into the 'Add a note' field on the checkout page